Recognizing the Various Diseases Treated by Skin Specialists and Gender

Skin and genital specialists (SPKK) are doctors who focus on dealing with a variety of problems in the health of the skin and genitals, both men and women. Not all skin and genital problems can be handled by a general practitioner, so the role of a dermatologist and genital specialist is needed. A dermatologist and genitals have clinical knowledge and skills to deal with skin and venereal diseases. Starting from determining the diagnosis of disease, until the provision of treatment in the form of drugs to skin surgery. As with other doctors, skin and venereal specialists also treat patients starting with a diagnosis first. The diagnosis includes a complaint history interview, physical examination and supporting examinations that are needed, so that the doctor can find out various factors causing problems experienced by the patient as well as determining the type of treatment and appropriate treatment. Various Skin Diseases That Can Be Treated by Dermatologist and Gender Skin and
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